Tuesday, December 16, 2008

earrings for a Tuesday

I've been so caught up in the whole Christmas palava I haven't had time to post.


Here is a selection of dangly earrings to counterbalance those festive numbers I've seen dangling from ears at office parties.... I like to call them 'chandeliers for the ears'.

Rose quartz, labradorite, swarovski crystal and amethyst: To enhance wisdom, intuition and truthfulness. For happiness in love.

Turquoise nuggets and coral: To cool tempers and promote friendship.

Amethyst and clear quartz: To promote wisdom, intuition and truthfulness. For balance.

Vintage crystal, amethyst, garnet & cloisonne beads: To increase self confidence, promote wisdom and truthfulness. For luck.

And I'm very proud of these: Indian silver 'tassel' earring fixtures (from Hyderabad), rose quartz, amethyst and swarovski crystal: To promote wisdom, intuition and happiness in love.

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