Thursday, March 19, 2009

hammered and kooky silver pendants

The silversmithing course is starting to bear fruit.

I have spent the last couple of times welding and beating little objects in addition to the projects we are supposed to be doing.

I've found working with offcuts of silver and wire that I've brought along and making them into something pretty much more satisfying than the projects we are tasked with.

Above are two little silver pendants beaten from silver offcuts of the 'official' pendant I have been making.

The silver rings holding the stone pendants are welded, hammered and polished pieces of wire I have been saving for such an occasion.

I like their slight kookiness a lot more than the symmetrical rings I have been buying from my usual supplier.


sixtwoninew said...

Hi Gabby, the first pendant (almost a 'J' shape) is really lovely. Have been lurking around blogger for a while but rarely update. The course that you're doing at the moment sounds really interesting!

Mango Frooty said...

Hi Megan
Thanks for that - it's funny that this piece was the cut-out 'waste' piece from the main pendant.... I'm slowly kitting myself out - reckon I'm a bit dangerous with a blowtorch though.