Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nana pants - take 2

I managed to make 3 pairs of long pants (with pockets), and one pair of shorts from 5 metres of pale blue self stripe cotton fabric and a length of elastic.

I also managed to make a pair of long pants from a metre and a half cotton remnant in a dark blue self stripe. There wasn't enough fabric to make pockets for this pair but you get a smoother line without.

I've learnt the following:
  • It's OK to adapt your pattern to fit the amount of cloth you have - self stripe fabrics are fine because there is often no difference between front and back.
  • For elasticated waists, it's probably a nice idea to put in some inpromptu darts in the front and back so you don't end up with a huge bunch of fabric around the waistline.
  • Add in a button or bow in the front - so it's easy to tell which way is front.
  • My pattern had tapered legs so I widened them by following the line of the fabric weave cutting in a straight line rather than tapering in, from the crotch and hip parts of the pattern.
Well I'm stoked with this effort. The stepdaughter, sister, mother and a niece will benefit...

The next step is to try this out on some funky batik surfer shorts....

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