Friday, March 12, 2010

NZ greenstone pendants

NZ jade is called 'Pounamu', in Maori. It is a sacred stone and is found only in the South Island of New Zealand. The remote river where it is found, is still only reached by trekking into the area and cannot be taken by the general public.

Any visitor to New Zealand will see a huge selection of carved jade pendants in souvenir shops around the country. I suspect most of the carving is not completed by traditional artisans but by workshops in SE Asia. I doubt that the jade used is even from NZ.

As an antidote to this practice I have sourced some rough pieces of pounamu. Some are pebbles, some are offcuts of larger pieces. They are unpolished.

I think these pieces are more beautiful and spiritual than any factory-carved pendants.

For longevity, prosperity and luck. Jade also promotes happiness.

Have a lovely weekend all.

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