Thursday, August 19, 2010

bags bags bags

I've been mulling over fabric bags ever since I got back from Bangkok with a suitcase full of cotton sarongs in printed tropical Thai colours and Indornesian batiks.  I also bought some fabric stiffener and not knowing how to use it, it's taken a couple of months to make these up.

The pink ikat fabric is actually from Uzbekistan - via ebay.  It has batik fabric handles with plastic tubing inside to make it more comfortable to hold.  Other handles are of thick cotton cord for a total beach look.  All bags have a patch pocket inside to hold your keys and wallet - the large ones are perfect for the beach.  the smaller ones surpirsed me with just how roomy they are - big and strong enough to carry a bottle of wine and a large sized plastic lunch container.

Oh, and did I tell you?  They go in the washing machine.

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