Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy new year: A new year story

I thought I'd give Whooga a plug.  Why?  because of outstanding customer service...

About a week ago I was looking to buy some ugg boots and I came across a special online at Whooga. So I ordered a pair and they arrived two days later.

Unfortunately I got two left feet.  I looked on the website - no contact number only a form.  Being the sceptic I am, I filled out the form, also emailed the site and thought: 'that's the last I'll hear from those guys'.

Within half an hour - yes half an hour, I had two emails from two different people saying they were very sorry and they were sending two right feet - and please, keep the extra pair as a way of saying sorry for the mishap.

I couldn't believe it.  My faith in customer service in Australia for online shopping has been restored.  I wonder if you would get that service in David Jones.

Anyway.  Thank you Whooga Australia - your boots aren't bad either!

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