Monday, October 31, 2011

Introducing Maria Masi-Edwards part II

As you know, I am a big fan of Maria's label 'avian'. 
Maria had her second collection showing here in Sydney at the house to a select group of friends and followers.
This collection was for 'Super Vixens'.  Edgier and more rock and roll than the first collection but no less attention to fine fabrics, craftsmanship and detail.  Think Blondie, the Cure and the Clash - less trash.  A saucy and playful collection for grownups: silk and scrumptious fabrics, enough animal print to unleash your inner cougar but well made and practical enough to wear anywhere (the skirts were reversible - crazy animal print one side, plain and coloured denim the other).

Also on show was a selection of Ms A'Marie DaisyJaw's latest prints which fitted the theme beautifully.
Watch these names - they will be going places.

You heard it here first.
 Maria explaining her inspiration.

 A'Marie's prints were a drawcard.

 Loving those capes!

 The super vixen at work.

 My camera did not do justice to these fab clothes - all exclusives!

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