Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day blog hop

I'm not usually a fan of Valentine's Day but the following idea is such a lovely one from my very, very talented friend Chris Chun that I wanted to particpate.  Chris invited a number of artist friends to share an image signifying love and romance.  Not being the romantic sort, Chris took one of my images and added the poem above  - and voila!  A Valentine's Day picture that could be included.

The other participants of this idea are as follows - please click on them to view their beautiful artworks.  I am so excited to be included.

...and Happy Valentine's Day.

Chris Chun 
Sharon Himes
Allison Langton
Peggy Jo Ackley
Patrica Shea
Skye Rogers
Phyllis Dobbs
Barbara Johansen Newman
Natalie Ryan
Bee Strong

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Ties said...

Wish U Happy Valentine's Day Guys!!!