Sunday, March 11, 2012

New jewellery - pendants

I have been working on more jewellery designs.  There was a call for more pendants from a friend so here is a selection from the latest crop.

These are pendants on necklaces made from tiny gemstone beads: coral (deep red), turquoise (greeny-blue), agate (brown, fluoro green), serpentine (dark green), and onyx (black). 

The focal beads are Indian cut stones mostly bought in Bangkok, Kathmandu and some odd flea market finds: turquoise nuggets,  carnelian (orange), coral, vintage cilver filigree, rose quartz, ancient Syrian glass, pearls and agate.

These are made with the autumn season in mind - they are to wear over a shirt or polo/turtle neck.
Although the colours and design make them very unique and eye catching, I have made a stand against those big, bulky resin pendants you now see everywhere.

These are one offs and made from sterling silver and gemstones.

Prices around $70.  They aren't on a website yet.

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