Sunday, August 5, 2012

Aaaaaand Peonies

And here is the peonies picture I started at the end of last year and finished last week.

I am moving towards the lighter, less cluttered backgrounds which are this year's favourites.

Notice how peonies are a Spring flower in Australia, Hibiscus is a Summer flower and camelias - especially these little pink ones, are a feature of early Winter.  

So it really did take half a year to complete!


Frances Traina said...

Gabby, this one is lovely! Do you have alot of paintings you work on at one time? I may have two going at once but that is usually my limit.
Have a good day!

Gabby Malpas said...

Hi Frances
Yes, I started this one last year and quite often have a number on the go at once.

Because I do paint from life, with a little backup help from an image library I've compiled from photos I've taken/found on google images (especially in the case of insects and birds), I find that I will start one piece and will have to wait for certain flowers to come into season so I can finish the picture.

I draw everything out in detail first so I can let the watercolour do it's thing, otherwise I'm trying to second guess colour and paint which isn't good for watercolour.