Sunday, April 13, 2014

Gabby Malpas at Platform72

Yes!  My trays were featured in the Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday 12 April!
There are 5 designs to choose from and they are a very limited edition.

I am delighted to be showing work at Platform72 in their 'small spaces' exhibition.  All works are priced under $500 (mostly in the range of about $250 - $400), and there are some lovely works for sale.  They are also available online from their website.

I took my niece along to the opening at Central Park, Chippendale on Friday night. 

I should also mention that my scarves and trays are available exclusively online from their store from now until 11 May - here at Platform72.


Anonymous said...

My dear Gabby, what a beautifully honest story you've shared. I believe more people can relate to you more than you'd think, for it is very rare that a child grows up without some sort of scarring or psychic amputation -- meaning a profound loss -- of one form or smother. The problem is most people never get a chance to reconcile their past, which puts a real clamp on their future. For my own part I have been raised and guarded by the infinite power of a loving God who has never abandoned me even when I abandoned him which served to increase my suffering as perhaps a seed may feel with clumps of manure about its living space. As the seed grew taller and as the manure became indistinguishable from the soil, it became enrobed in unfathomable color and form as to delight and inspire all who came to see it. Very much like the result seen in your exquisite work -- a foreshadowing of the paradise to come. Thank you Gabby!
Most sincerely, Yohannan

Gabby Malpas said...

Thank you Yohannan.

I hope you're having a lovely break this weekend