Saturday, May 29, 2010

daisy chain necklace - shorter length

Here is a heavier daisy chain necklace made of coral, turquoise, carnelian, lapis, smoky quartz, cloisonne and sterling silver.

As it is a heavier weight I thought I'd make this one a little shorter. It sits perfectly outside your favourite roll neck.

Have a lovely weekend

Friday, May 21, 2010

sharing the studio - again

Well it couldn't last...

Him indoors got a friend over during the week to pull his project bike to bits so it can go off for a repaint before putting it all back together again.

The bike is in bits and sitting in the kitchen. Yes, I am working around it all - you can see they cleared my office space/studio - which is the table in the background.

You'll be pleased to know my painting output is still slowly progressing but some days I would just love a room of my own.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

cakes and porcelain

On Thursday I backed some tiny cupcakes for a girl's morning tea which included a 2 year old. She loved them, in fact started climbing on chairs to get at more.

As I laid these out on a dish I bought at Chatuchak market in Bangkok many years ago I thought about the various pieces of porcelain I'd collected and kept with me over the last 15 years or so which have recently become features in my paintings.

Then on Friday, my sister sent me a lovely porcelain dish with delicate patterns all over it so I thought I should photograph a little collection.

You will recognise the ginger jar - this is one of several, and the plate from my sister is in the foreground.

Have a lovely weekend all.