Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More little birds

A lot of my pictures so far this year have included little birds.  On my post Christmas visit to Hillandale Gardens there were a lot of little birds around and masses and masses of butterflies flitting between the flowers.

Him Indoors says that the inclusion of little beasts in my work brings them to life.  I tend to agree.

Anyway, here is another selection of small, square bird pictures.  Some of these have gone to a lovely home in NZ.  Some will be going into my forthcoming shows in April/May.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Little bird pictures

As him indoors' has said: "your pictures are livelier with some beasts in them".

And so I have made a series of little pictures with birds.  From the top: NZ fantail, firetail finch, fairy wren, silver eye or wax eye.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New seed packet designs

New seed packet designs: from top: Phlox, Lupins and Bronze fennel.

Coming soon to Sarah's seeds

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Playdate at Hillandale: Jan 3

On Thursday I took a drive out to Hillandale Gardens & Nursery, in Yetholme, NSW to have a playdate with my good friend Sarah who owns and operates the garden/nursery with her husband Andrew.

It was a lovely day.  The garden changes almost weekly and Sarah's thoughtful and fabulous plantings means that when one plant stops flowering or dies down, there are plenty more to take its place.    Everything is organic and the work is done entirely by this hardworking couple to transform a derelict and overgrown mess into what must be one of the finest cottage gardens in NSW. 
Butterflies and birds were out in attendance and we were joined on our tour of the garden by the resident dogs: Snowy (loves her tummy rubbed), Lily (a little timid mop), and Pixie (the nutty Pomeranian).

Not all was play.  The serious business of discussing the next sets of seed packets and plans for 2013 were undertaken in Sarah's office: the potting/seed shed.
Have a great weekend all.