Monday, May 26, 2014

On meeting my mother

Earlier this year I posted images of the new work I made to begin my own story.

Around the same time I was asked by Banana writers to write a piece about meeting my birth mother.  As an asian and transracial adoptee, I realise that this is unusual - the luck of being born in a country with diligent record keeping and being given the opportunity to look.

I have followed a number of blogs over the years and read a lot of personal stories from transracial adoptees.  The resounding sadness I sense is from people feeling like an outsider for all or much of their lives and the knowledge that due to their own circumstances, the chance of finding their own birth mother is slim.

My story is here.  If anything, I wanted to tell these people what happened to me - I was lucky, and yes, finding my birth mother changed my life in such a positive way I am truly thankful.

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