Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gabby Malpas at Botannix Studio cafe: 2 July - 27 August

I hung my show at the Botannix studio cafe and Yoga centre on Saturday.

This is a small show which has been enabled by the fabulous art event maestro: Peggy Wallach.  Peggy, owner Jeffrey and previous exhibitor George hung the show.  I didn't do a thing apart from show up with the pictures.

I should mention that Botannix Cafe are only one of 5 Mecca coffee purveyors in Sydney.  Please call in and say 'hello'.

Botannix Studio Cafe: 25 Swinbourne St, Botany. 
Phone: 02 9666 7315

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Bambam said...

Awesome - I will swing by and check it out!